Kansas City Dermatology, P.A. offers several types of phototherapy for the treatment of responsive skin disorders.


This is the use of ultraviolet B rays to treat psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, vitiligo, and other photo responsive skin disorders.


This treatment is actinotherapy plus the application of moisturizing creams, tars, or anthralin prior to light treatment.

XTRAC Laser:

This is a specialized form of laser therapy that works in the same fashion as narrowband UVB ultraviolet light. It is able to be administered to localized areas of the skin when total body exposure is not required. XTRAC laser treatments are very successful in helping control locally aggressive psoriasis and in helping restore skin pigment in areas of vitiligo.

UVB Total Body:

A full body cabinet is available for generalized total body treatment.


PUVA is a powerful, highly effective phototherapy that involves the combination of a topically applied or orally ingested psoralen compound with UVA phototherapy. It requires special protective procedures and laboratory monitoring (oral treatment). A hand/foot cabinet is available for localized treatment of the hands and/or feet. A total body cabinet is also available for generalized skin disorders. Dr. McCune helped introduce PUVA phototherapy to Kansas City in 1981.