Leg Vein Treatment

We offer two types of leg vein treatments at Kansas City Laser and Dermasurgery Center. Both are effective and well tolerated.

Sclerotherapy (Temporarily Unavailable)

Monthly injections of highly concentrated salt water (hypertonic saline) can reduce the number and intensity of unwanted small diameter leg and spider veins. The injection injures the vein which then collapses and is scarred shut. Sclerotherapy rarely produces surface scarring, but up to 30% of patients can develop new spider veins (matting) as a response to sclerotherapy – induced inflammation. Matting can usually be treated effectively with laser. Occasionally, larger leg veins become inflamed (phlebitis) producing tenderness and surface discoloration.

Nd:YAG 1064 long-pulse Laser (Scitonā„¢ and Geminiā„¢Lasers)

Leg veins can also be successfully treated with laser. Advantages are that there are no needles involved, matting is rare, and veins too small to inject can be successfully treated. The laser can be safely used in people of all colors in all seasons. As with sclerotherapy, multiple treatments are necessary. Results are sometimes unpredictable, but are usually very effective.