Laser Tattoo Removal

Tired of that tattoo that once seemed like such a good idea?

You can have your “past” removed at Kansas City Laser and Dermasurgery Center with the Coherent VersaPulse Help-G Laser using very high energy, ultra-short light pulses (Q-switched). Three different lasers can be used to gradually lighten the inks in decorative tattoos. Traumatic tattoos can be treated as well.

When the laser light passes through the tattoo, it will react with its preferred color of ink. The ink is superheated very rapidly and breaks apart into smaller particles. These smaller ink particles are then removed from the skin by the natural healing processes and relocated to the lymph nodes. The tattoo ink remains there permanently with no subsequent problems.

It is important to have reasonable expectations with laser tattoo removal. It always requires multiple treatments (15+) to achieve maximal lightening. Also, it is impossible to predict whether maximal lightening will be total tattoo removal or only partial lightening. Some inks are unresponsive to laser. Some inks are placed too deep for the laser light to reach.

Although pigment lightening and occasional scarring and can occur, cosmetic end results are usually excellent compared to the other options that can be used to remove tattoos.