Fraxel™ Restore Laser Treatment

At last! A unique laser treatment that can impressively repair fine lines, wrinkles, and improve skin texture and pigmentation with no or minimal healing downtime. FRAXEL™ laser is the first laser technology that can produce dramatic improvements to aging and sun damaged skin without producing a wound.

The FRAXEL™ laser produces tiny, microscopic sites of laser induced thermal injury (microthermal zones) separated by surrounding zones of normal skin. Rapid healing of the lasered sites occurs from the untreated areas. No visible wound is created. Minimal downtime consists of redness and swelling for 4-5 days and a mild to moderate acne-like flare up that is temporary. Heated collagen in the microthermal zones is remodeled and results in increased skin smoothness and tightening. Up to 29% of the skin surface is fractionally lasered with each treatment. Four to six treatments spaced at least 4 weeks apart produce results that can rival those seen with Facial Laser Sculpture™ ablative laser resurfacing.

Treatments are performed under topical local anesthetic creams and can be done on any area of the face and body. Clinical benefits include improvement in skin texture, pore size, smoothness, brown splotchy discoloration, and wrinkles. Skin tightening may occur. Scars from acne, trauma, and previous surgeries may improve an average of 60-65%. Stretch marks can be softened in appearance. Go to the FRAXEL™ laser website at to find out more about the FRAXEL™ Restore laser.