Skin Volumizers

A youthful appearance – countering the deflation of skin

Loss of deep facial tissue volume occurs as we age. This allows the face to “deflate” resulting in a thin, hollow appearance over the temples, flattening of the eyebrow ridges with drooping, hollowness under the eyes giving a tired look, flattening of the cheek bones with sagging, deepening of the smile lines, and hollowness around the mouth producing collapse of the lips and a “skeletal” appearance. Fat loss over the back of the hands produces hollowness highlighting the appearance of the tendons and bones.

Skin volumizers can counter this deflation of the skin making your appearance youthful again. The volumizers we use are:


Sculptra and Sculptra Aesthetic are injectable FDA approved products for enhancement of facial volume in HIV positive patients with facial wasting and in aesthetic patients with facial volume loss respectively. The active agent is poly-L-lactic acid which acts as a collagen biostimulator. Turning on new collagen synthesis results in soft tissue volumetric enhancement producing a more youthful face. Results have been proven to last 18 to 24 months and possibly longer. Dr. McCune is a national trainer for these two products – a testimonial to his knowledge and expertise.

FAMI – Fat Autograft Transfer

Fat can be harvested from selected body sites and reinjected into the face and hands to restore the volume of youth and “reinflate” the skin. The results are dramatic and long-lasting. In many instances, revolumizing the face lifts the brows and cheeks producing a mini-face lift like effect. Treatment can be performed under local anesthesia alone or with intravenous sedation.

FAMI – Fat Autograft Muscle Injection

Dr. McCune was trained personally by the inventor of this technique, Dr. Roger Amar, a French plastic surgeon. He traveled to Dr. Amar’s plastic surgery office in Marbella, Spain to receive one-on-one training by the master. In the FAMI technique, fat is harvested and specially processed before being transferred into or in close proximity to the muscles of facial expression. This restores lost volume and increases muscle tone producing a youthful appearance. Results can last five years or longer.

Fat Autograft Transfer

This technique involves the placement of fat into the fatty tissues of the face and hands. Results are similar to FAMI, but may not last as long. This technique is used to restore volume to the lips and hands.

Total Facial Rebalancing

FAMI and Fat Autograft Transfer can be combined with liposculpture to rebalance the face. Lost fat can be replaced restoring volume. Excessive fat that develops in the jowls and over the neck can be removed with liposculpture. The end result is a balanced, volumized youthful appearance.