Scar Treatments

Scars can result from acne, chicken pox, accidental trauma, or from surgery. We offer numerous treatments at Kansas City Laser and Dermasurgery Center to improve and reduce the appearance of your scars.

Here are the treatments we offer for scar improvement:

FRAXEL Restore™ Laser

Superficial and moderately deep ice pick, box car, and atrophic acne scars; chicken pox scars; traumatic and surgical scars. Visit our FRAXEL Restore™ Laser Page for more information.

V-Star Pulsed Dye Laser/Gemini™ Laser

Hypertrophic and keloid scars. These lasers help take the red color out of scars as well.

TCA Chemical Peel

Focal destruction/revision of superficial and deep ice pick scar; superficial and moderately deep box car scars.

Injectable Fillers / Sculptra Aesthetic

Atrophic acne scars.

Cortisone Injections

Injections of dilute steroids directly into hypertrophic and keloid scars. Often used in combination with the V-Star/Gemini™ lasers for enhanced effect.


Atrophic acne and surgical scars. Some acne box car scars.

Punch Graft Elevation

Small diameter box car scars, ice pick scars.

Punch Excision with Grafting

Deep ice pick scars.

Punch Excision with Suturing

Deep ice pick scars. Usually performed in sequential combination with the Sciton Profile Erbium YAG ablative resurfacing laser.

Sciton Profile Erbium YAG Ablative Resurfacing

Superficial, moderate, and deep box car scars; superficial ice pick scars and atrophic scars. Traumatic and surgical linear scars.


Deep box car scars and linear scars; small keloid scars.