Injectable Fillers

A Great Way To Erase Lines!

Fillers are used to treat wrinkles, restore facial volume, and to enhance and augment lips. Dr. McCune has over 28 years of experience in injecting dermal fillers. Experience you can trust!

Juvaderm® Ultra and Ultra Plus are FDA approved injectable hyaluronic acid gels that are helpful to soften lines, wrinkles, and scars. They are safe, effective, and longer lasting than collagen. No skin test is required. Same day treatment is available. Immediate results are visible. Achieve longer lasting results: 4-6 months. Possibly one year or longer.

For more information visit Juvaderm®.

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With Hyaluronic fillers you can:
  • Enhance the volume and definition of the lips
  • Improve or eliminate wrinkles and “lipstick lines”
  • Restore volume to the smile lines from the nose to the mouth
  • Fill in the “marionette lines” – the hollows that form below the corners of the mouth
  • Recreate definition between the lower lids and cheeks
  • Volumize the pillars of the mouth and cheeks
  • Improve depth of scars