Hand Rejuvenation Procedures

Erase the “age spots” and restore volume to rejuvenate your hands

Tired of having “old looking” hands? Our Juvescence™ treatments can erase the “age spots” and restore volume to rejuvenate your hands.

Arctic Peel

A superficial Erbium YAG laser micropeel with the Sciton Profile laser that renews the epidermis without significant downtime.

FRAXEL Restore™ Laser Treatment

A revolutionary laser that combines the benefits of an aggressive ablative laser treatment with the benefits of no visible wounding and no to minimal downtime. This non-ablative laser rehabilitates the skin surface (lightens brown age spots) and remodels, thickens, and tightens the underlying collagen layer.

Alexandrite 755 Laser

This laser effectively lightens and removes brown age spots and large freckles leaving brown “curling iron burn” like crusts that spontaneously shed off in 14-18 days. Highly effective as a stand-alone procedure or as a combination treatment.

Fat Autograft Transfer

Fat harvested from another body site is injected into the hollow areas of the backs of the hands restoring volume and enhancing youthfulness.

Sculptra Aesthetic

Injectable poly-L-lactic acid simulates your own collagen to fill in the hollownes backs of the hands. Helps turn back the clock on those “old looking” hands.