GentleWaves® Photomodulation

This novel technology is a painless inexpensive way to rejuvenate the skin. A flashing panel of yellow light emitting diodes (LED’s) signals the collagen and elastin producing cells in the skin (fibroblasts) to become energized. This causes the fibroblasts to start manufacturing new collagen and elastin in the dermis. Benefits include improved skin smoothness and texture, reduction in fine lines, and a return of the “healthy glow” to your skin. Brown splotchy discoloration may fade as well.

An exciting extra benefit is that GentleWaves® Photomodulation has been proven to help diminish damage to the skin produced by injuries from acute sunburn, smoking, and other environment injuries. GentleWaves® treatment to an acute sunburn can rapidly eliminate redness and tenderness. Peeling may be eliminated. Less photodamage is produced in the epidermis and dermis. Photoaging can be minimized whether used as an “emergency treatment” for sunburn, a preventative maintenance therapy for the active outdoor lifestyle, or as an active rejuvenator of photodamage you have already developed. GentleWaves® Photomodulation can help you have healthier and nicer looking skin now and in the future.

Finally, GentleWaves® treatment immediately following many of the Juvescence procedures will enhance the visible benefits these procedures can create.

Why wait to try this painless, no downtime, and extremely affordable treatment?