Cosmetic Nurse Consultation

consultant-research 1Our nursing Staff at Kansas City Laser and Dermasurgery Center are highly educated in our Juvescence™ Home Skin Care Products and Juvescence™ Procedures. You may call to schedule a complimentary consultation with them to discover and learn about the products and services we offer. You will have all the time you need in a relaxed, non-pressured setting to have all of your cosmetic questions asked and answered.

Dr. McCune is often available to evaluate you personally and will professionally and personally recommend your customized Juvescence™ Program during your consultation. For certain procedures, you will need to subsequently schedule a more detailed and focused consultation with Dr. McCune before being able to proceed with your treatment. A fee will be charged for this consultation with the physician.

The cosmetic nurse consultation is designed specifically for cosmetic problems. If the nature of your condition requires a medical diagnosis and treatment plan, you will be asked to subsequently schedule an appointment with Dr. McCune or one of his mid-level practitioners to adequately and thoroughly take care of your medical skin problem. Appropriate charges will be made for this medical evaluation and treatment.