What is a dermatologist?

Dermatologists are physicians who are the most highly trained of all specialties in the diagnosis and treatment of skin disorders. After internship, dermatologists spend 3 or more years of intense study and residency training exclusively devoted to the medical and dermasurgical treatment of the skin. Dermatologists are the experts when it comes to the largest organ of your body – the skin.[/wptabcontent]

What is a dermasurgeon?

A dermasurgeon is a dermatologist who performs medically necessary and/or cosmetic surgery on the skin. All dermatologists receive extensive surgical training through their residency. Many are more intensely trained in cosmetic procedures through residency or post graduate training.

Is a dermasurgeon qualified to do cosmetic procedures?

Other surgical specialties actively would say “no”, and that they are the only ones qualified to perform cosmetic surgery. However, the truth is that dermasurgeons, are equally and often more qualified to perform cosmetic procedures than those that claim exclusive expertise. Here are the facts. Dermasurgeons perform surgery almost every day in their office practice, including cosmetic procedures. All dermatology residents receive extensive training in the more common dermatological procedures and exposure to higher level cosmetic surgical procedures. Dermatologists have been instrumental in the research and creation of numerous cosmetic surgeries performed today including chemical peels, dermabrasion, injectable fillers, and Botox treatment. Hair transplantation was invented by a dermasurgeon. Lasers were pioneered by dermasurgeons, and every new laser procedure that becomes available is invented and/or advanced by dermasurgeons. A dermasurgeon was among the first group of surgeons to learn liposuction in Europe in the mid-1980’s. A dermasurgeon created the tumescent technique to allow liposuction to be performed safely under local anesthesia in the outpatient setting. Dermasurgeons are expertly qualified to perform cosmetic procedures. To view Dr. McCune’s qualifications, training and experience in the procedures he offers, click “about our staff”.

Are topical skin care products really effective? How do I know what to use?

It is understandable why it is so easy to become confused about available skin care products. You are constantly bombarded by newspaper columns, magazines, radio, and television infomercials about the “best” products to use. Department stores and salons claim their own products to be superior. Physicians with little or no training and experience in skin care are now the “experts” directing you to buy their products.

Many over-the-counter and salon/department store products are effective to a degree in achieving what they say they can do. They are often less expensive, but may cost you as much or more than the more effective products that are available.

Dr. McCune will direct you to non-prescription scientifically proven cosmeceutical skin care products that are only available through a physician’s office. They are highly effective and are usually no more expensive than salon or department store products.

Numerous prescription only products are also available through Dr. McCune and his staff that are medically proven to be able to cosmetically enhance your skin. To learn more, visit the Juvescence™ Home Program page.

Is it necessary for the physician to have hospital privileges for surgical procedures performed in an office-based setting?

Arguments are made by surgeons who primarily operate in hospitals or outpatient ambulatory surgery centers that it is important for an office-based surgeon to have hospital privileges. However, having hospital privileges does not correlate well with safety. Most of the disastrous outcomes occur at the hands of well-trained surgeons with hospital privileges doing surgery in the hospital itself. The problems often occur from doing too much surgery (several procedures at once) under prolonged general anesthesia. Hospital privileges are also controlled by hospital-based surgeons that may withhold privileges to an office-based surgeon on political, economic, or “turf-war” issues rather than on qualifications. What is important is that any office-based surgeon you select must be trained and experienced in the procedures offered as well as capable of recognizing and treating any complications that might arise. Dr. McCune will be happy to discuss his qualifications and experience with you in any of the procedures he performs.

What is “supervision” and who is doing it?

Appropriate supervision requires the constant and direct oversight of health care provided by a facility. The “supervisor” must be trained, experienced, and knowledgeable in the skin problems treated and the procedures performed. The staff must be qualified and well trained to perform any procedures offered.

At many spas, salons, and medical spas where medicine and surgery are being practiced, the “supervising” physician may be off-site, across town, or possibly in a different city while you are being treated. In some instances, that is safely done providing that procedures are done under strict protocol and the supervising doctor or a designated backup physician is able to be contacted within 30 minutes. For laser procedures, the supervising physician must be directly on-site or able to be on-site within five minutes according to state regulations.

In too many settings, there is no physician on staff, or one who rarely is present at the facility. Medical diagnoses are being made and surgical procedures are being performed with no input from a doctor and little or no physician oversight.

Many physicians have opened skin care facilities who have no training background in and limited knowledge of the skin. They are self-proclaimed “experts” who are providing or supervising the procedures they offer.

At our facilities, you can depend on Dr. McCune to supervise your experience. His qualifications, training, and almost three decades of clinical experience give him the expertise you should expect and definitely deserve. He personally performs all of the dermasurgical procedures that require his skills and expertise. No laser treatments are performed unless he is directly on-site. Any services that can be provided in his absence are done under strict protocols. Dr. McCune and/or a designated supervisory physician are always available to be reached within 30 minutes should the need arise.

Dr. McCune devoted over seven years of service to the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts as a sitting member. One of his major efforts was to protect the safety of Kansans receiving medical care and surgical procedures in medspas, salons, and other non-traditional settings by non-physicians. He continues those efforts as a member, MedSpa committee chairman, and officer of the Kansas Medical Society as well as through his national professional organizations. You can be reassured that Dr. McCune cares about how your care is delivered and who delivers it.