Our Practice


Our Practice Philosophy

Premier Medical, Cosmetic, and DermaSurgical Skin Care

In all three of our facilities, it is our goal to provide premier quality medical, cosmetic, and dermasurgical skin care in a confidential, safe, caring, and relaxing environment. We offer up-to-date innovative procedures and treatments that are scientifically proven to be effective.

Highly Qualified, Expertly Trained, and Experienced Physician

Dr. McCune personally performs the vast majority of dermasurgical and cosmetic procedures. Any delegated tasks are carried out under close supervision by Dr. McCune. There are many skin care facilities that provide skin treatments and surgical procedures entirely performed by non-physician personnel that are “supervised” by physicians that have no or very little training background in dermatology or dermasurgery. Many times the supervising physician is not located anywhere close to the facility at which you are being treated, and may be treating patients in an office across town, in a local emergency room, or performing surgery in another surgical facility.

It is Dr. McCune’s strong belief that you deserve to be treated by a highly qualified, expertly trained, and experienced physician who understands the technology being used and knows how to treat any complications that may arise. On-site physician supervision when most surgical and all laser procedures are being performed by non-physician personnel is important for your safety.

At our facilities, you can depend on close, on-site expert physician supervision for those dermasurgical procedures that require it. Not from across town. Not from across the street. That’s what you deserve. That is what you’ll get.